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We encourage mothers to use the best self-care habits that fit their lives

Self-care and Wellness Tips

Mommy Let's Beat the Winter Blues

With the winter months upon us it may be difficult for some of us to shake the feeling of sadness and/or weariness. The winter months are darker than the other seasons and this lack of lighting can affect our mood. The cold temperature doesn’t help either as we tend to stay indoors, this intensifies lethargy. Maneuvering through the winter months can be especially difficult for moms because sometimes we are stuck indoors caring for our children while they throw tantrums, scream, and argue. We worry about the terrible road conditions and become apprehensive as we try to avoid bad drivers while quelling the impulse to scream at the person who almost ran us off the road. These things only heighten our anxiety. 

Here are 10 pearls of wisdom from our wellness coach to help mommies beat the winter blues:

  1. Stay hydrated; drinking water will keep your energy levels up.
  2. Go outside when you can; the fresh air will improve your mood.
  3. Read a good book or listen to positive, upbeat music; this will occupy your mind and change your mood.
  4. Take a multi-vitamin that contains vitamin D; this will increase your energy because vitamin D is created by the sun which is hardly visible during these months and our body doesn’t store it.
  5. Exercise; exercising causes us to feel good because of the hormones the body releases.
  6. Eat healthy; good nutrition will increase your energy and minimize your mood swings.
  7. Set realistic goals for yourself; setting yourself up for success will minimize feeling overwhelmed.
  8. Get proper rest; getting enough rest allows your body to recharge and increase your energy.
  9. Make your home brighter; allowing sunlight into your home by opening the curtains/blinds can boost your mood.
  10. Make time for fun; reconnecting with leisure activities/hobbies will bring you joy which will reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

This winter let’s beat the blues together. Self-care is very important to your health; it is necessary to be effective and successful in your daily life. 

Finding Yourself After Motherhood

Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts and experiences you may ever have in your life. You are given an opportunity to nurture and love someone other than yourself...unconditionally. Every thing you do, every decision you make is selfishly and selflessly done. You develop skills and character that you never knew you possessed or could have. To say you transform into a superhuman is an understatement. In the process of gaining your supermom powers you tend to neglect caring for yourself because you are no longer a priority, your desires become secondary. You are now the recipient of the “what left.” The “what left” is usually what is left at the bottom of something, frequently not wanted by others. How many times have we waited to do something for ourselves or buy something for ourselves after we’ve done it for our family? But if we think about those moments and our decision to put our family’s needs before our own there is an underlying feeling of guilt and shame if we were to do for ourselves and not our family. These decisions are sometimes influenced by our communities, our families, our friends and the media without us even realizing the strong influence they have on our beliefs. But caring for yourself is not a selfish act it is essential to sustaining a healthy wellbeing. 

For many of us we continue to pour into the lives of others without refilling our cup. Self-care is a way of refilling our cup and making sure that our cup never becomes empty. Have you ever reflected on your life but couldn’t remember an activity you enjoyed that wasn’t connected to your family? Or have you reflected on your life and wondered what happened to the woman you used to? You have lost yourself in your role as a mother and have forgotten about the things you once enjoyed: music, massages, reading, working out, dressing up, and the list goes on and on. 

To be the best you can be in your relationships, you must first be the best you.  This can be achieved by being in tune with your likes and dislikes and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses.   

Here are 7 pearls of wisdom to rediscover yourself after children:  

1. Reflect on old talents and hobbies.

2. Look for and attend events in your community that interest you.

3. Start a fitness routine and eat healthy.

4. Create a bucket list.

5. Challenge yourself.

6. Connect with friends.

7. Get plenty of sleep. 

These 7 pearls can jump start your journey to rediscovering yourself after  motherhood.